AUBREY’S STAIRCASE, Valletta, Malta (2009)

Connecting the existing floors of a traditional Valletta townhouse with a contemporary rooftop extension, the form of this suspended staircase lies somewhere between interior architecture and sculptural installation.

Inspired in part by a hanging staircase designed by architect Carlo Scarpa for a museum in Verona, the staircase communicates lightness and a refined linear silhouette; creating a link between levels while visually retaining the full space of the rooms it serves.

Custom-made slender steel sections act as support for the entire structure as they travel unbroken through each storey of the house, simultaneously acting as a railing for users as they ascend and descend. This continuity of featherweight line expressed in a colour palette of white and light wood casts shadows onto the surrounding walls; creating an interplay between the solid and the fleeting as the light of the day slowly shifts from morning to evening.

Design Team: Simon Grech, Andrew Vinci | Writeup: Holly Knowles